Our Apps

JobTack is the one stop solution for all your day-to-day business activities. This app can do everything from job assignment to stock management and invoice generation. Download the app and register your company to solve many problem that you face in managing your business. JobTack provides you the complete feasibility to customize each screen with your company logo and other company details.

With JobTack, you can add all your services and the details of each service to create a list from which technicians can easily pick any service to create an invoice of the job they have completed. You can also add the list of products you have and the details of each product with the help of the bar-code scanner. This will definitely support you in stock management.

Further, you can add the details of each job with the respective customer details and detailed work description. In this, you can choose from two options, you can either assign a job to a particular technician or you can leave it as an open job, so that any technician who is interested can pick it up. The technicians can use the app to update the status of the jobs they have been assigned. They can also choose the work they are interested from the list of jobs that are open. Technician can generate invoice for any job they have completed using the services details and product details that are already added by the admin.